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Zach Morris is back

…on Jimmy Fallon earlier this month.

Bayside, Mr. Belding, good times.

I forgot about Zach’s ‘time outs’ until he did it during the interview. It’s like no time has passed, Mark Paul looks eerily the same as Zach. Is there really a possible¬†Saved by the Bell reunion in the works? The¬†interview runs about 8 minutes. Cue theme music!

SYTYCD Canada, again

Ah, I knew it. Has a reality show contestant pegged as a potential winner from the start ever end up winning the whole thing in the end? Congrats Nico on winning So You Think You Can Dance Canada!

No hot Russian ballroom contestants, but we did get lots of representation from Quebec in the top 20. I was impressed with the talent and liked most of the choreography, although including Go Go dancing in the finale – what? There wasn’t a better concept for the two female finalists, really?

Still, looking forward to season two.

final two – Nico and Allie

congratulations Nico

2 group dances from the top 20


So You Think You Can Dance Canada is the first reality show I’ve actually voted for. With the exception of Isaak, I thought all of the top 6 would be fine contenders for the grand prize ($100,000; a 2009 Mercedes Benz C230; and the inaugural title of Canada’s favourite dancer).

Last week I concentrated my votes solely for Nico and Miles, because I didn’t think Isaak should make the final (and he didn’t). That meant sacrificing votes for the girls, but I was fine with any of Allie, Lisa, Natalli making the finale. I wouldn’t normally campaign against a contestant because they’re all great dancers, but last week I couldn’t believe that Izaak moved on, but people didn’t vote for Vincent, who’s fantastic. While Izaak did bring it with his solos, I always thought why doesn’t he dance like that with his partners?

Anyways, finale show is tonight.


Miles, Natalli, Nico.

Austen fun

Two fun Austen things:

Lost in Austen – I mentioned this show and posted the trailer for episode one here, a four-part miniseries from UK broadcaster ITV. It’s about a woman, Amanda Price (Jemima Rooper) who travels back in time to Austen’s Bennet household and swaps places with Elizabeth. Amanda’s presence throws Pride and Prejudice off the rails – don’t expect a faithful book adaptation here. Fun, and episode two in particular had some great comedic moments – since Amanda lacks pianoforte skills, she breaks out into a bit of Downtown. :P

In the course of the miniseries, Amanda attracts the attention of Bingley, poor Jane marries skeevy Mr. Collins, and Wickham turns out to be a help to Amanda. If you’re a fan of the BBC miniseries of Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle, you’ll get a couple of fun in-jokes like Amanda’s cell ringtone in episode one, and of course, the wet shirt later on. There’s a longer look at Lost in Austen over at The Book Smugglers.

And spotted via Austenblog – listen to a Jane Austen drinking game by Mostly Water Theatre, to Sense and Sensibility.