Plague and a bit of zen

August 18, 2009



Hidden by Eve Kenin In the frozen northern lands of the Waste, Tatiana has escaped from her imprisoned life in a lab and is out for revenge from those who used her cells to make a plague – her nemesis Dr. Ward and a man named Tolliver. When Tatiana is exposed to the illness, the […]

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Detention antics

August 7, 2009


RIP John Hughes. I think I feel a Breakfast Club rewatch coming up soon.

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Sea butterfly

July 9, 2009



Girl at Sea by Maureen Johnson Clio Ford, 17, lives with her mother but gets stuck with her father and his crew for the summer, exploring the Mediterranean in search for an artifact. There’s her father’s new professor girlfriend Julia and her teen daughter Elsa, Julia’s research assistant Aidan, and her father’s friend Martin. In close […]

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Just one of the guys

June 30, 2009



Just One of the Guys by Kristan Higgins Chastity is a tall, athletic journalist who has moved back to her hometown where her parents and brothers and long time crush Trevor live. We open with her getting dumped by her current guy, who says her strength and athleticism just weren’t that attractive for him. This […]

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Zach Morris is back

June 22, 2009


…on Jimmy Fallon earlier this month. Bayside, Mr. Belding, good times. I forgot about Zach’s ‘time outs’ until he did it during the interview. It’s like no time has passed, Mark Paul looks eerily the same as Zach. Is there really a possible Saved by the Bell reunion in the works? The interview runs about 8 minutes. […]

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Summer is short, read a story

June 14, 2009

0 will be featuring short stories throughout the summer. There are two available to read now: Damaged Goods by Tim Winton and Bolero by Frances Itani. The Savvy Reader’s summer reading challenge is also on now (read two short story collections listed) and there’s a chance to win a fall book. There’s also this fun […]

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Pen pal shenanigans

June 9, 2009



The Year of Secret Assignments by Jaclyn Moriarty Epistolary young adult book. Three 10th grade friends from Ashbury high school, Emily, Lydia and Cassie, participate in their interschool pen pal project for class. Set in Australia and quite entertaining, Emily and Lydia have fun with their pen pals but Cassie runs into serious problems with […]

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